We expect the gear we make to last a long time. We’ve used it ourselves for years, improving it along the way, so it's field-proven and stands the test of time. Any weak points, have been fixed long before the gear goes into your hands.


At Bush Smarts we strive for each piece of gear represent a fair pact between us and most good folks know what that means. You believe in what we do and trust that we'll do right by you, and we support you in what you're doing – whether it's trekking the globe, father & son camping or cleaning brush on your land.


Sometimes the unlikely happens, and gear fails. Our leather and metal gear is repairable, as all good gear should be. We started Bush Smarts knowing that people around the world would be buying products that could be handed down to future generations – the kind of gear where you could see the stories in the leather.


It's tough to make a hard and fast rule about returns and repairs when you find folks that return products after 25 years of use, claiming they didn't live up to expectations. What we can tell you is that sometimes folks are honest and say "it was my fault" and they pay for the shipping and the repair. Sometimes folks say "this doesn’t fit quite right" and we send them a return label, adjust it for free and send it back.


Our Maker's Word means you can confidently use our products in the field in the way they're intended, for years to come. If a product fails, we invite you to let us know and let's make it right, together.