Bush Smarts gear comes from across the country and around the globe. Whether it's our small studio in New York, the Finnish blacksmiths near the Arctic Circle, or the shoelace makers in Japan all our gear is made with pride.



NY, our home state! We're lucky to partner with several great makers around the wild (and vast) state of New York to manufacture gear of all types to Bush Smarts. Our bear line and tent cord is custom made for us in the finger lakes. Our spoons and spatulas are carved on the shores of Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks before coming to us for finishing. The Trail Hammock, Storm Tarp and Trail Tarp are made to our design specs for us in Buffalo at a female-owned fabrication facility. Screen printing and stitching are done for us in Brooklyn by small shops and even a friend's wife in the evenings. Then there's all the gear we make from scratch here in our shop, like the Game Kit and tinders and Woodsman Suspenders.



Many of our products start out in the Buckeye State. Our leather (from Pennsylvania) is first laser cut in Ohio and then shipped to our studio in NY for stitching, finishing, polishing & packing. Our titanium gear is also laser cut in Ohio from salvaged titanium. The Titanium doesn't rust, but we're glad to play a small part in kicking the "rust" off the Rust Belt and keep great people working hard in Ohio machine shops.



The Great Lakes Region gives us an abundance of well-made, rugged goods. Our Pack Griddle and Bush Pots hail from Wisconsin, while our Survival Tarp is made in Michigan–where people know the importance of surviving the cold. The Bush Saw has a Danish-made blade, but the casing is built and assembled in Minnesota before it comes to us for its hand-stitched leather group.


Moi Moi! A few of our products begin life in Finland. We appreciate their clean Scandinavian lines, their attention to detail and their world-class environmental concern. Our Kuksa comes to us as a wood-resin  composite cup, and we make it Bush Smart by adding a reflective red cord and leather toggle. The Hip Flask is a Finnish staple since the 1950's however we are the only people in the world that have it in red, they brought it back to life especially for us! Last but certainly not least our Bush Knife and Pack Axe are made by H. Roselli of Finland and sent to us where they're finished with hand-stitched leather sheaths in our NYC studio.

Skål! Our Fire Steel and Crooked Knife hail from Sweden. Oddly enough, the Crooked Knife is traditionally a Canadian tool that was used to carve snow shoes and canoes, but was forgotten in in the industrial age. We're glad to be a part of bringing them back where they started!